10 November, 2011

Autotools Project Manager, part 4: Moving from Gitorious to Gerrit.

After the first code review from the Qt Creator team, and due to the new Nokia changes related to open governance, this project has been migrated from Gitorious to Gerrit. This migration has blocked the development of the project more than expected, mainly due to the bureaucratic processes involved, but now things are back to normal, and after a second review it seems that we are closer to seeing the plugin become part of Qt Creator.

Also two great pieces of news. The first, is that the configure.ac file is now highlighted in the autotools project. Credit goes to Friedrich W. H. Kossebau, who pointed me to the right place and person in order to make this happen. The second, is that Mathias Hasselmann  has come up with a great idea: a script for converting devhelp books into Qt help collections.

As you see, all good news! Now, let's go on making Qt Creator rock!

Update: Since there is no way to have even read access to Gerrit unless one has an account in their Qt Bug Tracker Jira system, I will go on keeping the Gitorious repository up to date with all the changes. Enjoy!


  1. Great to see the progress here, so I doubt readers of p.g.o will understand just how good Qt Creator is compared to the other available IDE's for the Linux desktop, especially once it is not limited to qmake/cmake based projects any more.

    They would never touch it, due to some strange attitude towards the importance of used technology in a project. Oh well …

  2. Sometimes I think that Qt Creator should be renamed already. It is a great general C++ IDE, but many people think that it is only specifically geared towards Qt development.