17 November, 2011

Embracing the changes

Right now I am writing from what is still my bedroom, and my bed. If you had a look around, you could see 7 boxes full of books, clothes, gadgets, things that I need, things that I do not need at all but I feel stupidly attached to. All of them sum up my almost 4 years abroad, not that I can put all the great people that I got to know along the way into my boxes. Those, I keep in my memories and my heart. I just ask myself, how much stuff is a person able to collect in such a short period of time??

These last years have been full of good, and also bad, moments and cherished people. I can say that I learnt something new every day, lived in 7 different places, learned a new language, worked in different companies… It was a great and long adventure, a precious piece of my life, also with big emotional costs, but still, just a part of the adventure. And like every good story, and as Freddie Mercury said, "the show must go on", and my show is just starting!

The destination of these 7 boxes is Gran Canaria; it is also mine. I am moving back home for now and I am really excited about all the new things that are awaiting me in the future. My time at Openismus has come to an end, and therefore, I will have time now to finish my studies—something I really wanted to do a long time ago. I also have the honour to say and re-announce, that I have been selected as one of the interns for the GNOME Outreach Program for Women! This means, that you will still keep on hearing from me! I have been very lucky, I must say, and will be mentored by David King to work on the Cheese project. I cannot wait to start!


  1. I am glad to see that things come together for you. I enjoyed the discussions with you, although I was sometimes sad that I could not follow the progress of the second trainee generation, as I was still in Helsinki back then.

    Perhaps your decision is ultimately one that your heart had made a long time ago; a decision that will fill you with happiness and bring new acknowledgement in what you do.

    So I wish you all the best for your next steps in your career!

  2. Thank you very much Michael. I am very happy that I found you on my way. I wish you the best for your future too!

  3. Actually, welcome PSC on board!