24 December, 2011

Integrating nautilus-sendto in Cheese

Among other things, last week I have been very focused and working on the integration of nautilus-sendto in Cheese.

First, I spent some time playing around with nautilus-sendto, and during this process, I filed some bugs and made patches for them too. I first could not compile master during maintainer mode due to some deprecated symbols that I replaced at the end in the form of a patch. After that, I have been having problems with the libsocialweb plugin, which is loaded by nautilus-sendto. At run time, the nautilus-sendto dialog did not show any of the libsocialweb offered technolgies. After talking to Bastien about this issue, he informed me, that in order to show the above mentioned accounts in nautilus-sendto, it is necessary to create your own libsocialweb accounts with Bisho (MeeGo configuration tool for libsocialweb social network aggregator) first. Once the accounts have been created, nautilus-sendto should show those accounts in its dialog. I also filed a bug and submitted a patch updating the README file of nautilus-sendto with this information, which was not available anywhere and updated the diagram I used in my last post with the following one:

Sharing videos and images with Cheese.

The truth is, that even using Bisho now, nautilus-sendto is not showing the libsocialweb accounts for me, which is something I have to go on investigating.

Bisho is also not very stable. It is currently showing just 3 different account types: Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, and just Flickr is working. After what has happened with Meego and the integration of GNOME Online Accounts (GOA) in GNOME, it might be nice and wise to migrate from Bisho, to GOA, another thing I filed a bug about.


After getting familiar with nautilus-sendto, I started working on the integration itself and made a small wrapper in Cheese. Now we can say, that Cheese has the capacity to share images and videos through different technologies. Look that I just said the capacity, which does not mean that is completely working yet! For my changes, I have created a new "shareable-media" branch in Cheese that you are very welcome to test!

This is how it is currently looking in the UI:

Share images and videos Cheese option.

 Integration of nautilus-sendto in Cheese.

I have also realised, that multiple selection of images and videos is not completely working on Cheese. A user is able to select several images and videos that are together one next to the other, but not different separate ones, which is something we will also try to fix.

This, improving the current code and fixing the different issues within nautilus-sendto and Bisho are the next points in my TODOs list. Lots of fun!! :))

I will write back soon with more updates! Thanks for reading!

14 December, 2011

GNOME Outreach Program for Women 2011: The goals

As I already announced a few weeks ago, I had the honour to be selected as an intern for the GNOME Outreach Program for Women 2011 (GOPW)! I will be working on the Cheese project and mentored by David King.

My main goal, and proposed one, from the outset, was to provide Cheese with support for uploading recorded videos to YouTube. Analysing the problem, I decided that I would like to solve it in a way from the beginning, that would permit to extend this feature with other social sharing technologies for sharing images and videos in Cheese in the future. After talking about all of these ideas with Dave, he pointed me to libsocialweb. Later on, and talking to Bastien Nocera about what the plan was, he pointed me to nautilus-sendto, a convenience application to send files via email, bluetooth or instant messenger, which internally uses libsocialweb already and is what I am finally going to use for my purpose, extending my main goal a bit from sharing in Youtube, to sharing in general.

The following diagram should give you an overview of the whole general idea:

I am very excited to see all of this working already! I will try to keep you up to date with the whole process.

Thanks for reading!