14 June, 2010

First weeks at Openismus

Yay! Almost one month since the last time I wrote. I need to improve this :). There is a convincing excuse though. Since I started my job at Openismus, another evening full-time job came out: the search of my new apartment!. It seemed to be an easy task at the beginning, but now it just turned into a complicated competition. I have just realized that writing in your presentation e-mail that you have something to do with informatics may probably be not that popular. Being non-smoker seems to be another problem too.

At last, things at work could not be better. During the first week we dedicated our time to install Fedora 13 in our computers. Apart from some issues with our keyboards concerning to the language layouts, everything went fine. We learnt to know as well, how the "internal communication system" here works and joined some lists to be up to date with all project's news. Then we started with jhbuild!. That was definitive lots of fun: is there anybody that run it without having to fix at last 2000 errors? ;). Thanks God or whoever, Chris, David and Saint Google were there for support. We actually learnt a lot.

The second week started really good since we finished fixing the jhbuild's errors, and moved on to GTK+. I was busy with this till Thursday. On Friday and Saturday we went to the Linux Tag here in Berlin and attended a series of interesting talks about MeeGo, systemd, Google, Ubuntu and Gnome 3.0. The talks were interesting, but more business-orientated in general from my point of view. However, the best part of this kind of events are the "after-talk-times", where you get to know some people involved on different open source projects or people that work / worked in the same company you do and still did not know. Better chances of socialization came in the evenings with the barbecues at C-Base!.

Well, now it is time I stop writing here and go on learning some GTK+, since I have to present some legible code today.

See you soon!