30 November, 2011

Autotools Project Manager, part 5: [current status MERGED]

After all the work, I can already announce and celebrate, that the plugin for giving Qt Creator support for autotools projects, has been merged today into Qt Creator! I could not have finished my time at Openismus GmbH and series of posts related to the plugin in a better way. I am very happy of the result and hope it will be helpful for those who love autotools. Enjoy and see you soon!

18 November, 2011

Cheese Architecture

During the process of trying to understand the internals of Cheese and together with Dave, we created a diagram that I rewrote in dot language and which I think will be very useful for all of those who want to start contributing to the project or are simply curious about it. It took us some time to put the pieces together, but here is the result!

Created using Graphviz.

Did I mention before that I love Graphviz? It is so, but on this occasion it took me a while to get the layout and the legend the way that I wanted. In order to reorder the subgraphs (each of the external boxes: UI, libcheese, libcheese_gtk, System and Legend), I needed to create some transparent nodes and connections to lie to the rank system that dot uses. You can check out the code on my GitHub repository for more details.

The diagram will be available as part of the Cheese documentation for the next 3.3.2 release, coming out next Monday the 21st of November. 


17 November, 2011

Embracing the changes

Right now I am writing from what is still my bedroom, and my bed. If you had a look around, you could see 7 boxes full of books, clothes, gadgets, things that I need, things that I do not need at all but I feel stupidly attached to. All of them sum up my almost 4 years abroad, not that I can put all the great people that I got to know along the way into my boxes. Those, I keep in my memories and my heart. I just ask myself, how much stuff is a person able to collect in such a short period of time??

These last years have been full of good, and also bad, moments and cherished people. I can say that I learnt something new every day, lived in 7 different places, learned a new language, worked in different companies… It was a great and long adventure, a precious piece of my life, also with big emotional costs, but still, just a part of the adventure. And like every good story, and as Freddie Mercury said, "the show must go on", and my show is just starting!

The destination of these 7 boxes is Gran Canaria; it is also mine. I am moving back home for now and I am really excited about all the new things that are awaiting me in the future. My time at Openismus has come to an end, and therefore, I will have time now to finish my studies—something I really wanted to do a long time ago. I also have the honour to say and re-announce, that I have been selected as one of the interns for the GNOME Outreach Program for Women! This means, that you will still keep on hearing from me! I have been very lucky, I must say, and will be mentored by David King to work on the Cheese project. I cannot wait to start!

10 November, 2011

Autotools Project Manager, part 4: Moving from Gitorious to Gerrit.

After the first code review from the Qt Creator team, and due to the new Nokia changes related to open governance, this project has been migrated from Gitorious to Gerrit. This migration has blocked the development of the project more than expected, mainly due to the bureaucratic processes involved, but now things are back to normal, and after a second review it seems that we are closer to seeing the plugin become part of Qt Creator.

Also two great pieces of news. The first, is that the configure.ac file is now highlighted in the autotools project. Credit goes to Friedrich W. H. Kossebau, who pointed me to the right place and person in order to make this happen. The second, is that Mathias Hasselmann  has come up with a great idea: a script for converting devhelp books into Qt help collections.

As you see, all good news! Now, let's go on making Qt Creator rock!

Update: Since there is no way to have even read access to Gerrit unless one has an account in their Qt Bug Tracker Jira system, I will go on keeping the Gitorious repository up to date with all the changes. Enjoy!