19 May, 2010

CERN openlab summer students programme 2010

I wake up and look through the window, the weather is OK, not that bad, not that good. I still do not have curtains because I moved for three months and did not have time to put them or had just better things to do (there are actually always better things to do than this). Next stop: the bathroom. There I wash my face. I go to the kitchen and start the kettle in order to make some tea for having breakfast. I turn on the radio to hear the news. I can not really hear the news with the noise of the kettle boiling the water. Water is ready and I prepare a cup of tea, for one, and to take away. I "take it away" back to my bedroom and turn my computer on in order to check my e-mails and read the news (I did not really pay attention to the ones on the radio, but I like to hear the sound on the background when I am at home, I love to listen to the radio). No remarkable news, no remarkable e-mails... wait.... what is this?. E-Mail topic: CERN openlab summer student programme 2010. I make click on the topic and a new screen shows the content of the e-mail: 

"Dear Patricia,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as an openlab summer student 2010 [...]" 

More good news for this year, however, at this point I was looking in another direction. I am just looking forward to start my trainee at Openismus on the first June.

11 May, 2010

Count down... 21, 20, 19...

The count down for moving to Berlin has just started, and the list of things needed to be resolved before doing it is getting bigger and bigger:

01. Bank account cancellation (done) 

02. Cancell city hall registration (done) 
03. Cancell Sportspass registration (done) 
04. HVV Abokarte cancellation (done) 
05. Finding someone new for my room (done) 
06. Selling my room's furniture (done)
07. "Rent" a friend who will drive that car  (done) 
08. Rent a car for moving ( still in process)
09. Packing (still in process)
10. Goodbye parties (still in process)

11. Unemployment registration + fill in of N forms. N definitely tends to infinite (no way) 
12. Others 

It is not a bad recount. In the last weeks I have discovered without surprise that German bureaucracy is a lot of fun. Every time a went to the employment office, they gave me as a souvenir at last three different forms (poor trees!!) and had to go at last to three other different places in order to fill in the forms or collect information to complete them (plus side effects: annoying Murray and Kat. Sorry about that). That means, I have been going there every morning for the last week. It might be easier if I just live there for a while I guess.

Good news: my mother is finally visiting me!. After two years in Germany, it seems that it will happen. Well... just if Eyjafjallajökull  does not get angry these days.

I am so excited about everything new that is coming!