01 September, 2011

Autotools Project Manager, part 3: The Merge Request

During the Desktop Summit 2011, I had the chance to meet some of the guys working on the Qt Creator (QTC) team. I took advantage of this opportunity and talked to them about the AutotoolsProjectManager plugin. After some discussion, among other things about the lack of available documentation and the intention of making a merge request (MR), I was invited to visit the Nokia office in Berlin. So, last week, I had a very interesting and productive evening there and got to talk to some of the developers, Tobias Hunger, Daniel Molkentin and Oswald Buddenhagen, as well as to Leena Miettinen (in charge of the Qt tools documentation), all of who I have to thank for their patience and the time they took to help me. After the visit and their great advice, I had some homework to do (fix some code style issues, add the documentation and code completion…) to get the plugin prepared for the MR. Now, it is finally available in gitorious, waiting to be reviewed by the QTC team! Let's keep fingers crossed!

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