30 November, 2011

Autotools Project Manager, part 5: [current status MERGED]

After all the work, I can already announce and celebrate, that the plugin for giving Qt Creator support for autotools projects, has been merged today into Qt Creator! I could not have finished my time at Openismus GmbH and series of posts related to the plugin in a better way. I am very happy of the result and hope it will be helpful for those who love autotools. Enjoy and see you soon!


  1. Great work.

    I'm curious though, is there any sort of standalone autotools project manager for GNOME?
    I have this perception that there are a bunch of roadblocks for people to start out with GNOME App development. They might be thrilled about how easy it is to write graphical applications in Vala or Python, but when they take a look at autotools.. that tends to be quite fatal. So there should be a very nice app for managing projects that let you forget what's under the hood and even have plugins for things like creating packages for debian, fedora and so on. I just checked out developer.gnome.org and there are tutorials, API documentation but no sane explanation on how to go from a start point to having your App available to the World.

  2. "for those who love autotools". I don't think anyone in that category... I know many who _need_ them though, but the consensus towards the autotools seems to be hate rather than love ;).
    (sorry, I felt compelled to trolling when reading that phrase)

  3. Funny, I was looking for this feature in Qt Creator yesterday...and now here it is! :)

  4. Congrats!!!

    You should be really proud of yourself :-)

  5. Now make autotools work for KDevelop4

  6. I don't see the plugin on qt-creator 2.4.1 is planned to merge this branch soon ?

  7. Congrats on this, it is really helpful !

    But, I also do not see it in qt-creator 2.4.1;

    I build it from source some weeks ago and it was there ( 2.4.0 maybe ? )