31 August, 2011

Desktop Summit 2011: happy and proud.

I know that it has been two weeks since the Desktop Summit 2011 Berlin came to an end, but I really wanted to write this post.

It is my desire to express loudly and publicly how happy and proud I am. Happy because everything worked better than good, because being a member of the organization has been one of the most gratifying (and also exhausting :-)) experiences this last year. As the volunteering coordinator, I could not be prouder of all the volunteers. You simply did a great job and made things happen. Thanks to the core team for being such a great one, to all the volunteers, also to all of you who volunteered at the last minute, and to all of the attendees for attending and for their understanding when things did not work right out of the box.

Working together with the KDE and GNOME community was a fantastic experience where I got to know lots of interesting people who I hope I will keep in touch with. I will miss all the KDE guys next year at GUADEC! 

See you hopefully soon at any geeky conference!


  1. Thanks for being so great and cheerful.

    You made all volunteers to enjoy their volunteering time ;)

    See you on A Coruña :D

  2. Congrats to everybody for organizing a great conference!

  3. Thank you and the whole team. I had a great time