19 May, 2010

CERN openlab summer students programme 2010

I wake up and look through the window, the weather is OK, not that bad, not that good. I still do not have curtains because I moved for three months and did not have time to put them or had just better things to do (there are actually always better things to do than this). Next stop: the bathroom. There I wash my face. I go to the kitchen and start the kettle in order to make some tea for having breakfast. I turn on the radio to hear the news. I can not really hear the news with the noise of the kettle boiling the water. Water is ready and I prepare a cup of tea, for one, and to take away. I "take it away" back to my bedroom and turn my computer on in order to check my e-mails and read the news (I did not really pay attention to the ones on the radio, but I like to hear the sound on the background when I am at home, I love to listen to the radio). No remarkable news, no remarkable e-mails... wait.... what is this?. E-Mail topic: CERN openlab summer student programme 2010. I make click on the topic and a new screen shows the content of the e-mail: 

"Dear Patricia,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as an openlab summer student 2010 [...]" 

More good news for this year, however, at this point I was looking in another direction. I am just looking forward to start my trainee at Openismus on the first June.


  1. FAntástico! Felicidades, señorita! Eres una campeona.
    Estando en el CERN vas a controlar el mundo.

  2. No no, no me voy al CERN porque empiezo a trabajar en Openismus

  3. Dear Patri,

    Personally I would recommend you to try to postpone your trainee at Openismus because the summer internship at CERN is a great experience you could hardly forget. It will enrich you, not only professionaly but also personally in several ways other interships simply can't. Thus, I suggest you to reconsider your options.

    PS: I would love to see you here for a few months! :D


  4. Dear David,

    You are right, it would be great to have the option of doing both things: the more options someone has to learn and experiment, the better. I would probably advice the same thing. This time however, was just not possible and a decision was done. I am sure that my time at Openismus will be full of experiences and enrich my life in ways that I can not even imagine yet.

    Thank you very much for your advice, written from the hands of a good friend. I can always visit you there if you would like to and I invite you both (D&D) to visit me in Berlin at any time you want.


  5. Personally I must say I'm more excited about joining Openismus than I was for doing my bachelors thesis in relation to, and going to, CERN. But that might also be because this trainee position has more in it for my life in general, idk.
    Anyways, cool to see that we've got even more things in common. Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!