14 March, 2011

Knock! Knock! on Planet GNOME.

Hello, hola, ei je, hallo, shalom, kon-nichiwa, merhaba Planet!

I was very happy being part of this community, but now I am even happier having the chance to share my little knowledge and experience with all of you. 

So, who are you? Well, as you might have figured out, I am the "new one". My name is Patricia Santana Cruz  (patriciasc) and I come from the beautiful island of Gran Canaria, Spain, where I studied Computer Engineering at the University. After participating in a seven month Erasmus program in Germany, I decided to continue living and working in the country. And now, I am currently working as a trainee software developer in Berlin, at Openismus GmbH. 

How have you contributed? All started at University, where I had the chance to do an internship as a Free Software Evangelist at our Free Software Office for one year. After that, and as a part of my trainee program, I had the chance to work on some small FOSS projects. My last contribution and the one I have been working on for the last weeks, was porting Cheese to GTK+3. 

Something more to say? A lot! But I do not want to bore you, so if you want to know something more, do not hesitate to ask :). I will try to keep you informed in the meantime.


  1. Cool, welcome!

  2. PAttttyyy!!!! Welcome to the Planet!

  3. Wow, Cheese is GTK+3 now?
    Oh, and welcome to the Planet! :)
    - Andreas

  4. Welcome! Also, GTK+3 & cheese! Awesome! :)

  5. ¡Bienvenida amiga hispana!

  6. Welcome to the FOSS world or for the planet. Appreciate more women flow to the FOSS. Kudos to you :)

  7. Thanks to all of you! (-;