18 October, 2010

Back from "Qt Developer Days 2010".

As I said in my previous post, I spent last week in Munich attending the "Qt Developer Days" and it was pretty interesting. 

Was focused on training, so as newbie in the Qt world that I am, I attended the Essential's track which gave me an overview on the topic and woke up my interest in the language even more. I just found Qt Creator a fascinating tool together with the integration of Qt Designer. Qt Assistant and its brilliant examples is not less in this family. 

Tuesday and Wednesday:
I was able to attend the technical track. From all the talks, the ones that definitely captivated my attention, were those based on Qt Quick. Qt Quick (Qt User Interface Creation Kit) is a technology for creating UI's in a very fast way, using the declarative language QML, which allows the developer the usage of Javascript too. It is very useful for creating prototypes specially, although Mobile apps, and small desktop ones are a goal of this technology too. I am not sure if complex desktop applications are, but let's keep our eyes wide open...

Not all was learning and working. We managed to enjoy some food, beer and music from the area at Donisl's and on Wednesday evening, we managed to meet Murray for dinner and have a look to the Munich offices. Very nice!!

This week I will start my new mini-project on Qt and post about it very soon.

Thanks for reading!

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