18 August, 2010

I was at GUADEC 2010

This year was my first time at GUADEC, and it was just great. I have got to chat to people involved in the GNOME shell, usability and accessibility programs and got in touch with the members of the "Gnome Women"  group as well. But not everything was chatting and socializing. I attended several interesting talks as well: clutter, state of union, GNOME shell... and joined a very handy workshop about "Design thinking" by the hand of the Invented Here guys. Pheeww, I am still trying to process all the new information!.

Back to chatting and socializing, more fun came at the evenings with the Canonical Party (first GUADEC where people danced I have heard), Collabora barbecue and the hackfest at Revelation Space.

Big news during GUADEC?
-  The release of GNOME 3.0 have been pushed back to March 2011, but at the same time, The GNOME Project will ship GNOME 2.32 in September, along with a preview release of GNOME 3.0. Several distributions will ship GNOME 3.0 components that can be used for user previews or developer testing. 
- An announcement was also made about the location for GUADEC 2011. Applause for Berlin this time!.

This year the Openismus crewed surprised all attendants with our new "Sommer/Autumn 2010 T-shirts collection". All thanks Kat.

I know..., envy is the word you are looking for ;). Hopefully I get the chance to go to GUADEC again next year.

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